Morning! (Or afternoon, or night… Or whatever time you’re reading this!)

Other than replaying One Direction songs over and over again the last few days, revising seems to be the only thing I’ve been doing of late (we’re so close to exams, it’s not even funny. I’ve wanted to cry on multiple occasions just from the thought). 

I, however, blame my occasional procrastination issues on Harry Styles, because he has been distracting me way too much lately with his voice and his eyes and his hair and… 

Thought I would deal with some “revision myths” out there that many people have issues with. I mentioned One Direction for a reason though; I promise it isn’t just because of my slightly worrying fan-girl persona concerning a certain curly –haired brunette member of the band.

I mentioned One Direction because my first point is:

1) Listening to music whilst revising

Now, many people may have different opinions on this, but all I’m saying is that this just works for me. That doesn’t mean it’ll work for you though! So… Please don’t take my full word on it, everyone’s different.
I like listening to music whilst revising. I think just sticking in my headphones and going on to do work keeps me motivated to carry on with it. Especially if I can associate a song with a topic (I know, sounds stupidly weird, but stay with me guys). I find that if I can associate a song with a topic eg, One Direction’s song Perfect is associated with Social Policy in Sociology, (which to be fair, not an immediate link comes to mind!), it helps me remember it more, because I’ve listened to that song so many times whilst studying policy, when I go through an exam, I can just play the song in my head and the information just flows right through my mind. Weird, I know, but it just works for me! It doesn’t even need to be a song you associate to a topic. It can even be a picture! Or a video, or anything really!

2) Cramming information right before an important exam

I promise I won’t talk about One Direction anymore… I think.

Anyway, you need to make sure ALL revision is completed WAY IN ADVANCE!!! (You know this is important because it’s in capital letters! Aaahh!)
You’re just going to confuse yourself massively if you’re looking over a topic in depth just before the exam, and it isn’t good to do that! You need to enter that exam with a fresh head, and with confidence that you can do it to the best of your ability!

3) You can eat anything whilst revising

Guilty here because I have done this, on many occasions. 
People think that they can eat whatever they want and it won’t affect their revision. This is a BIG NO-NO! 
To be fair, I break this rule very frequently, so I think I need a bit of a telling off as well. 
Brain food such as blueberries, other fruits, porridge in the morning, things like that are good to set you up for a productive day of studying. 

4) Watching TV whilst revising

This is actually one I would advise AGAINST, as it’s not like when you’re listening to music. Do not watch telly whilst revising, because you’re focusing on the TV more than the thing you are revising. You won’t be able to get the information off of the paper and into your head if you’re staring at Eastenders or Doctor Who, or anything like that! (This happened to me before, only because Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is MAGNIFICENT!)

And finally

5) Long hours of revision helps you remember more

If you’re staring at something for a long time, or focus on one thing for a long time, it’s literally just going to go through one ear and out of the other, without stopping to process within your brain. I do 45 minutes of revision as opposed to hours, and then take a 15 minute break (Ha, I call it my “Harry Styles appreciation break” where I literally just stare at him for 15 minutes doing something stupid on camera – oh Harry, why are you so lovely?). 

And that’s about it for this blog post! Will hopefully speak soon :)


Posted by Rebecca Harbot on 24 March 2016

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