Hi everyone, 

April has arrived and it is a busy month for everyone here at Cadbury. With coursework in full swing, revision in practice and practical exams under way, everybody has something important going on at the moment. I have got two coursework deadlines, for Textiles and Digital Arts, due next month and two exams for Geography. Things are going well so far, so hopefully when they come around everything will be alright

This month I want to talk about my favourite aspects of college life so far.

Here is my ‘top three favourite things’ list: 

  1. The People
    • Cadbury is a hugely diverse college, with students and staff from many different backgrounds, each contributing something unique to our community. I didn't know many people when I first started college, but I soon settled in and made friendships that I will cherish forever. Having a non-uniform policy at college really helps us to express ourselves, meaning that personalities and interests can be embraced and this huge mix of culture creates such a vibrant buzz. My teachers have been brilliant, helping and guiding us through a vital stage in our lives. I know that I can always turn to any of them for extra support and guidance, which is incredibly important. I couldn’t have asked for better! 
  2. The Facilities 
    • The general facilities at Cadbury are brilliant. Our LRC (Learning Resource Centre / Library) has a huge range of things for us to use – computers, software, IPads, books, DVDs, magazines and more. Our canteen (The Hub) is a friendly and vibrant place to spend lunch and break times, or relax with friends in free periods. We have a 180-seat theatre as well as a fitness suite, sports hall and outdoor sports area. For me personally, my favourite facilities at college are the textiles facilities. We have an array of equipment, including a heat press, sewing machines, a screen printing room, fabrics, dyes, paints – and that’s just to name a few! All of my classrooms are bright and welcoming, making learning and working so much easier and enjoyable.
  3. The Opportunities 
    • The opportunities that Cadbury can offer you are endless. We have societies, such as the Anime Society, Chess Club and Debating Society, and enrichment programmes to gain valuable skills and boost your CV. The college also offers some subject-specific trips, helping you with your studies whilst having a great time with friends. In addition, we also have talks from guest speakers, including talks about preparing for our futures and about safety in society. Another great opportunity that I have taken on board is becoming a student blogger! Being able to talk about my college experiences is brilliant as it means I can share what I am enjoying about Cadbury, as well as documenting amazing memories. 

I hope this post has given you a little insight into some of my favourite things about Cadbury. There is so much that I love about college, it is impossible to fit them all into one post. I will be back with another post soon, but it’s now time to get back to coursework and revision! 

Bye for now,

Posted by Rebecca Harbot on 21 April 2016

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