Get involved in a wide range of enrichment activities at Cadbury College

All students at Cadbury College must be on a full timetable.  This means that you will be timetabled in for 2 hours of Tutorial sessions per week, as well as 1 hour of enrichment activity per week. All enrichment activities help you to develop crucial skills for University and the working world.

Enrichment Activities

Academic Mentors

Become an Academic Mentor and support either a GCSE or First Year A-Level/Level 3 student in a particular subject. This is a fantastic opportunity to help others, share your knowledge and experiences and develop strong communication skills. If you are considering a career in teaching, social work or another people-focused area, this is the activity for you!

Badminton Skills

Embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle by developing your Badminton skills. Develop an appreciation for the sport, and even take part in in-house games and tournaments!

Charity Group

Working alongside the framework of WE ACT, an initiative of Free the Children, you can help to raise awareness of global issues, and make a difference worldwide. Be prepared to push forward the boundaries of charity and creating change; this worldwide movement proves that anyone can make a difference.


Meet with a group of like-minded individuals and discuss a huge range of topical issues. Fight 'for' or 'against' a particular argument, or simply discuss what's going on in the world around you! Last year's Debating Society entered into a competition where Cadbury students won prizes and an award!

Duke of Edinburgh Award (Silver)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme is a real adventure from beginning to end. Youwill achieve the Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. The award is enjoyable but demands a lot! It is a twelve month commitment, so it really showcases your dedication to a task.

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification provides an opportunity for you to extend your abilities beyond the A-level syllabus, stand out and prepare for University and the working world. It can also be used to earn extra UCAS points. The qualification provides you with the freedom to work in your own way to complete a project based either on a subject you’re studying or in an area of personal interest. The qualification helps improve transferrable skills such as planning, research, analysis and evaluation.

Film Production

If you have ever fancied yourself as the next Tarantino or Spielberg, then this is definitely the enrichment activity for you! Get involved and "hands-on" with the creative and technical aspects of creating, producing and publishing short films. Bring your scripted characters to life with this exciting enrichment activity!

Football Skills

Are you a keen footballer? Are you interested in staying healthy? Are you looking to try something new during your time at Cadbury College? Try out for the college football team. This activity provides you with an opportunity to develop your team working and football skills by training on a weekly basis and playing matches!

Getting a Medical Place

Boost you chance of getting a place on a medical related degree, which is an increasingly competitive industry. Thanks to Cadbury College links with Birmingham University Medical School, you will benefit from talks and presentations from former students who have gone on to study Medicine or Dentistry at University, as well as masterclasses and workshops in this field. This enrichment activity will help to boost your CV for medical applications. Please note that this activity is aimed at students who are predicted at least 3 A grades.

Guitar Group

Regardless of your level in playing the guitar, you are welcome to join this enrichment session. Beginners can learn the basics and grow to develop guitar-playing skills. As a group, you can learn and share songs and play as a band, helping and supporting each other to improve. This enrichment session also gives you an opportunity to perform at College events (Open Day, Introduction Days etc.), as well as during the end of year performances.

Gym Fitness

Going to the gym not only helps you get fit, but it also improves your mental and physical function as well. Boost your brain power, reduce your stress levels and improve your clarity of mind with this girls only fitness enrichment activity in Cadbury College's very own fitness suite.

IT Work Experience

If you're interested in a career in the IT industry, then stop right here - this is the enrichment activity for you! This work placement is college-based, and will help to boost your CV with 1 year's work experience. You will work alongside our IT Services team, and develop the following skills:

  • Basic understanding of Networking
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Basic Programming skills
  • Building a PC
  • Organising IT Workload
  • Basic IT Security
  • Software Deployment
  • Librarianship (LRC Student Guides)

    With a work placement in the college’s Learning Resource Centre, you will gain real work experience and gain the skills to work in a customer facing role. This programme is ideal for anyone who is considering a career as a library and information professional, or is looking to gain experience of working with people and resources.

    Life Drawing

    If you are studying a Creative Arts subject and are interested in developing life drawing skills, this course is perfect for you. Develop drawing skills useful for a range of art and design degree courses and boost your CV with great experience and and extended portfolio.


    Studying Chemistry and can't get enough of it? Why not go beyond the A-Level Chemistry specification and solve new and exciting, challenging and interestingly frustrating problems?! What's more, you can represent Cadbury College at the Chemistry Olympiad Competition, where gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded, and the top-performing students are selected by the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad Selection Committee to participate in Round Two!

    Table Tennis

    Learn and develop your table tennis skills by playing in-house tournaments. This enrichment activity is a great way to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Writing for the Screen

    Writing a screenplay is an art for those with an ability to think visually and an ear for the spoken word. Think Christopher Nolan Dark Knight, Quentin Tarrantino Pulp Fiction or on-the-up stars like Lucinda Coxon. If you're studying Medeia, Film or Creative Writing, this activity will certainly complement and extend what you learn!

    Young Carers Project

    The Charity enrichment programme enables students to make a positive difference to the local community. You will support a Young Carers Project at a local school. You will deliver micro teaching sessions with young carers and learn how to plan and manage classroom activities that are fun, interactive and encourage social skills. Help individual young people through a buddy system as well as fundraising to provide days out for young carers. An excellent opportunity for students wishing to work in teaching, health or social care services and is a great option for Health and Social Care students to develop their skills.

    Young Enterprise

    Are you interested in entrepreneurship, business enterprise or starting up your own organisation? Working in small teams, the Young Enterprise programme provides you with a small sum of money, with a challenge to make the most profit by creating and selling products or delivering services. All profits are donated to charity, and you will gain key enterprise skills and experience of running a small business, which will really help to boost your CV.

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