MIS Officer - Full Time

Career overview

Position: MIS Officer
Contract: Fixed Term Contract Until 31st July 2018
Line Manager: MIS Manager
Salary Grade: Grade 5
Salary: Point 26 (£20,924) -29 (£22,941) (Depending on experience)
Job Purpose: The post holder will be expected to carry out day to day tasks with  the minimum of supervision and be proactive in developing the role.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Monitor and evaluate developments relating to statutory returns, e.g. ILR, making recommendations to the MIS Manager
  • Ensure  data  is  up -to-date, accurate  and  audit compliant  in  line  with  current funding guidelines
  • Updating and maintaining of the course  file, ensuring correct hours and learning aims are recorded
  • Ensure all courses are timetabled to ensure correct funding can  be claimed, meets the needs of delivery by teaching staff and adequate groups are available
  • Be proactive  in  managing change requests,  e.g. learner/staff  timetables, enrolments, etc.
  • To support staff in the marking of registers by maintaining  and updating  the same, as appropriate
  • Preparing  data  prior  to  the submission of all funding returns to relevant funding  organisations  ensuring  error  correction (via  DSAT  and  FIS  software),adhering to strict deadlines set in accordance with relevant rules and funding methodology
  • Planning, preparing and implementing audit & compliance strategies
  • Play a key role in the planning of major induction and enrolment events
  • To ensure all enquiries and applications are processed in a timely manner
  • To  assist  in  co-ordinating  interviews  with applicants, and liaising with feeder schools to obtain relevant supporting information, e.g. references
  • Work with the MIS Manager to improve data quality in the student database, to increase  efficiency  and  meet new requirements  both  from  users  and meeting the strategic aims of the college
  • To  assist  the  MIS Manager in the submission of  statutory and other returns, e.g. ILR
  • To  keep  up to date with examination  board  requirements regulations  and deadlines
  • To ensure examination base data is maintained and linked to the course file
  • To submit examination registrations and entries
  • Assist in the co-ordinating and running of examination sessions, including receipt of papers, packing of scripts, supervising invigilation and maintaining  appropriate records as required by the awarding bodies and the relevant agencies, e.g. Joint Council for Qua lifications (JCQ)
  • Ensure examination results are imported and the ILR updated accordingly
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Self - Assessment Report and Quality Improvement Plan
  • Ensure Ofsted readiness at all times
  • Working with the Quality Team to ensure consistent delivery of programmes
  • Contributing to reviewing processes to determine and improve current practices
  • Assisting with external audits and external quality standards
  • Providing statistical data and other information as requested and required
  • Making recommendations to improve the reporting and presentation of data to relevant staff
  • Provide advice, guidance and support on Performance/Data procedures to the college

NOTE: Please be aware that the responsibilities and duties outlined above are not exhaustive and may be varied from time to time after consultation with the post holder.  They do not form part of the post holder’s contract of employment


The person appointed must have:

  • Strong knowledge of education MIS systems
  • A good understanding of ESFA funding guidelines and ILR specification
  • Knowledge of Ofsted's Common Inspection Framework (CIF)
  • Strong organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Participate actively  and  flexibly  in  a  range  of  College wide  activities, such as duty  rotas, enrolment and marketing events, together with  other staff and student activities

If you would like to apply for this position please download:  Application Form