Geography is the study of the world, and how and why changes are taking place within it.

The subject encourages students to develop a deep understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes. It allows individuals to appreciate how places, environments and issues change and how people respond to these changes.

The course involves visits to areas of outstanding geographical interest including visits to Bournemouth, Wales, Brighton and the Lake District. There is also the opportunity to take part in an overseas trip. Past students have visited Southern Italy, Spain and Iceland.

Specific requirements

  • A minimum of five GCSEs (with two at grade 6, and three at grade 4.) 
  • GCSE English at grade 5.
  • A  G-Score of 5.2
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What will I study?

Awarding Body:

  • Edexcel


  • Examination - 80%
  • Coursework - 20%

Course Content:

  • Unit 1: Dynamic Landscapes
    • Tectonic Processes and Hazards
    • Coastal Systems, Processes and Change
  • Unit 2: Dynamic Places
    • Globalisation
    • Shaping Places
  • Unit 3: Physical Systems and Sustainability
    • The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
    • The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security
    • Climate Change Futures
  • Unit 4: Human Systems and Geopolitics
    • Superpowers
    • Global Development and Connections
  • Unit 5: Coursework: Independent Investigation
    • Students will research a geographical topic of their own choice

Geography Exam Structure

  • Paper 1 Physical: 2 hours exam, 30% of the qualification.
  • Paper 2 Human: 2 hours exam, 30% of the qualification.
  • Paper 3 Synoptic: 1 hour 45 min exam, 20% of the qualification.
  • Paper 4 Coursework: 20% of the qualification.

Where does it lead?

Studying Geography can lead to employment across a wide range of sectors including business management, marketing, journalism, advertising, architecture, environmental conservation, research, town planning, government, the media and many more.


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“I studied Geography with Biology and Religious Studies at Cadbury College. I am now studying a degree in Geography at the Coventry University.”

Zakariya Ramadan