Media Studies allows individuals to draw on their existing experience of the media and to develop their abilities to respond critically to the media. The course enables students to explore a wide variety of media, including digital media technologies, drawing on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media: texts, industry and audiences.
To study Media Studies you need to have creativity and imagination, the willingness to use new software and a genuine interest in media products and issues.
The Film and Media Department is exceptionally well resourced with state-of-the-art equipment. We have a dedicated editing studio with 16 Mac stations running Final Cut Pro and enough HD digital cameras to allow students to pursue individual media projects.

2 years WJEC

50% Examination

50% Coursework

Specific requirements

  • A minimum of five GCSEs, two at grade 6 and three at grade 4.
  • GCSE English at grade 4.
  • Students do not need to have studied GCSE Media Studies, but for those who have a grade 4 is required.
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What will I study?

Awarding Body:

  • WJEC


  • Examination - 50%
  • Coursework - 50%

Course Content:

Year One

  • Unit 1: Media Representations and Responses
    • In this module students will study a variety of media texts and learn how to analyse them using concepts such as representation, narrative, genre and audience. It is assessed by one examination in the summer.
  • Unit 2: Media Production Processes
    • This module is assessed by practical coursework and students are required to produce 4 pages of a new music magazine using Photoshop and InDesign. The assessment has three components:
      • pre-production
      • production which develops from the pre-production
      • a report on the production process

Year Two

  • Unit 3: Media Investigation and Production
    • This module is assessed by practical coursework and students use HD cameras and Final Cut Pro to make an audio/visual product, such as a music video or a film trailer.
    • The assessment has three components:
      • a written investigation into media text(s) based on one or more of the key media concepts – genre, narrative and/or representation
      • a media production
      • an evaluation of how the production is informed by the investigative research
  • Unit 4: Text, Industry and Audience
    • In this module students will study a variety of media industries including television, film and video game. Individuals will examine the relationship between media text, audience and institution. It is assessed by one examination in the summer.

Where does it lead?

Media students go on to study at a variety of universities enrolling on courses such as Communication Studies, Film Production, Radio and Television Studies and Journalism.


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“I studied Film Studies with Sociology and English at Cadbury College. I am now studying Film Production Technology at Birmingham City University.”

Julie Chim