Cadbury Pathways leading to careers in Birmingham

Career Pathways & Employment

Cadbury College’s Pathways are designed to cover a whole range of careers and occupations, making it easier for students to choose what to study. Not only do our subjects cover a wide range of careers but we have a number of different qualifications to find something that is suitable for each individual. Birmingham's job market is growing and research shows A-Level qualifications will play a big part in getting a job in Birmingham (read more here).

Employability in Birmingham

Female work placement student

Cadbury College is determined to help students reach their full potential. By introducing our new Pathways structure we are helping guide students into their desired career paths.

The Birmingham Skills Investment Plan (2016 to 2026) published an insight as to where Birmingham’s employment future is heading. One thing that was clear in the report was a “clear demand” for employees who have professional qualifications and the appropriate skills required. The investment plan recognises that there will be a need for 78,000 employees with A-Levels or equivalent qualification to ensure that the positions being filled for jobs are people that are highly qualified. It is predicted that there will be a shortage of high skilled workers for roles.

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