18 June 2014

A Level students take part in the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Management Games

A Level students from Cadbury College headed to the University of Birmingham on 18th June to compete in the CIPFA Management Games.
The seven students, who are studying A Level Accounts or Business Studies at the specialist sixth form, were competing against teams of sixth form students across the region in the annual competition.
The games, which are devised and run by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), introduces sixth formers to the world of Public Sector Finance.
The students had to run the fictitious Lyechester Borough Council. Each team member took on a role in the executive team and were tasked with juggling the council budget; deciding on spending priorities, community needs and the impact of cuts.

Tasks involved report writing, delivering a presentation, dealing with union representatives and hosting a press conference.
In the day long exercise the student management teams faced scenarios such as a visit from their local MP, an angry Trade Union Official and a press enquiry and subsequent press conference.All this while trying to continue the day job of balancing the council’s budget and continuing to provide services with reduced funding.

A Level Business Studies student Madiyah Tassavar was appointed Regeneration and Development Manager. Speaking after the Games, she said:
"It was such an amazing experience and I have gained so many skills that will help my future career. We were working to a strict deadline but also had to deal with interruptions from a Union Representative and an MP. This really put the pressure on but provided experience of what it will be like working in the real world.”

Lydia Maher, Business Studies Teacher at Cadbury College, said:
“I was really impressed with how well our students managed the task and worked in a team; embracing their own role whilst supporting each other to ensure things were completed on time. It was a really challenging day and the interruptions from the Union Rep and Councillor were dealt with magnificently.”

The Management Games are designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain exposure to the challenges associated with running a public sector organisation.