Assessment Week 2

Assessment Week 2

Due to the weather conditions, the college has been closed and will hopefully be open as normal on Thursday 14th December. It is advised that all students use this time to revise and go over topics they have learned this term. Assessment Week 2 is approaching and this time away from college should be used productively.

Assessment Week 2 will take place in the last week of the term. Students should spend the remaining time they have reading over class notes to prepare for this week. Creating revisions notes and cue cards can be helpful for remembering key topics. Spider diagrams and mind maps are also useful revision tools to help go over course content. Creating your revision notes in colour and trying to memorise them will make it easier to remember the content you need for your assessments. 

For students that are studying essay based courses, practising the structure of your answers and remembering to include key content could prove to be useful. For example, some subject may require students to include past cases taught in lessons as examples to support arguments made in essay questions. Revising content and planning answers could save time in exams, being prepared could help you achieve the marks you need to achieve or exceed your target grade. 

Students that study lessons assessed by exams should consider completing past papers. This can give you an idea of the type of questions that could be included in your exams. Also, you will have time to plan your answer and mark your paper once you have completed it. By assessing your own work, you will know key areas where you need to do more revision and you will gain a better understanding of how to achieve the highest grades. 

Remember to have regular short breaks and stay focused when revising. Remove any distractions such as your phone or music so you can focus on your studies to ensure your revision is as productive as it can be. Perhaps consider the Pomodoro technique when revising. This technique involves revising for around 25 minutes followed by a short 5-minute break, then begin another 25-minute revision session. After 4 Pomodoro sessions, you can then take a longer break that lasts around 20 – 30 minutes.  

Remember to go over revision notes and read around the subject to get a better understanding of the topic. 

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