Cadbury students awarded certificates & scholarships to LIBF

This summer, 9 of Cadbury College's Financial Studies students achieved some of the highest marks in the Level 3 Financial Studies exams in the country.  Their success and dedication to their studies has been rewarded by none other than The London Institute of Banking and Finance, who have awarded them certificates of achievment and scholarships to study a degree course with the LIBF.

Congratulations goes to all the teaching staff in the Financial Studies department, but an extra congratulations goes to the following students who have worked hard over the last academic year to achieve their goals and #BeSuccessful!

Junaid Mohammed
Ryan Owen Jones
Grace Esposito
Mohammad Jonas Daoud
Yousuf Rahman
Talal Yafai
Manaf Hizam
Osamah Bashir
Ali Yafai

This year, the course has recruited a total of 46 students.  The teaching team are already working alongside organisations and institutions like the LIBF to achieve the same success with this years' student cohort.

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