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Grace Ndiritu (Kenya/UK) studied A-Levels in Textiles, English Literature and Geology at Cadbury College between 1994 and 1996.  Following her studies at Cadbury, she studied Textile Art at Winchester School of Art in the UK, as well as at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, with guest tutors including Marlene Dumas, filmmaker Steve McQueen, Tacita Dean, and Stan Douglas. Since 2005, her work has featured in galleries and museums across the world, including Poland, France, Spain, Morocco and America.  Grace's writings have also appeared in a variety of magazines, books and journals.

This month, Klowden Mann is proud to present their first solo exhibition of work by Grace. For the seventh edition of her "A Quest For Meaning" series and her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Ndiritu pushes the design of her new installation by incorporating fully-painted gallery walls, as well as her customary painted squares, which she calls ‘Bright Young Things’. These design elements become a backdrop through which Ndiritu transforms distinct artistic genres into their opposite yet related art forms; the perceived exclusivity and rarity of painting is here transformed into a medium of mass produced photography within the context of the presentation, as Ndiritu integrates a spectrum of varying photographic print techniques and exhibition display models.. 

Ndiritu’s "A Quest For Meaning" (AQFM) series is a universal narrative, a creation story she tells from the beginning of time. Told through photography, it tells ‘stories’ between similarly disparate objects and events from the Big Bang until now, by conjuring up and making new connections between them. Abstract photography allows Ndiritu to explore the formalism of the still life genre in such a way that what appears in the microcosm of the photograph is a reflection of what occurs in the macrocosm of the universe. Closely connected to her interests in the moving image, performance and shamanism, the various themes in AQFM perpetually expand to create photographic constellations. Previous iterations of AQFM were exhibited at locations including Glasgow School of Art (2015), Paris Photo Los Angeles (2015), L’apartment 22, Rabat, Morocco (2014), MAC, Belfast (2014) and La Ira de Dios, Buenos Aires (2014).

Alongside the exhibition, Ndiritu has created a periodical entitled AQFM Vol. 4, which will be available at the gallery during the run of the show. The newspaper features an essay entitled "A Return to Normalcy—Curating Contemporary Art" by Benedetta d’Ettorre, which was written on the occasion of Ndiritu's survey show at The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in 2015. The exhibition and performance commission were the main component of the Turner Prize parallel program which was held in Glasgow last year.

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