Maths Inspiration Trip 2016

Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive maths lecture shows for teenagers.  They give 14-17 year olds a chance to experience the UK's most inspiring maths speakers live in theatres, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world applications. The shows, which feature mathematicians, engineers and physicists, are an ideal experience for all STEM students considering a career within the field, opening their eyes to careers they may not have considered before.

The Mathematics students from Cadbury College enjoyed three interactive talks, an interval and a lively Q and A session at the end.  You can see snippets of what the students experienced here:

Nahlah Hazem joined Cadbury College from Moseley School in 2015.  She is currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Sociology and Statistics whilst also acting as a college ambassador.  Reflecting upon her experiences at the Maths Inspiration trip, Nahlah commented: "The Maths Inspiration trip was really fun, it gave me a different perspective of different type of maths and how it is used in real life. It gave me a chance to see maths being used in other subjects such as science and computer science. There were little challenges too which gave an insight on how maths is used on a day to day basis."

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