Parents Evening At Cadbury College

Parents Evening

Parents Evening for Cadbury College students will be held on March 21st. You will have the opportunity to discuss your progress and assignments with your teacher. This is also an opportunity for your parents to review what you have done so far but also have the opportunity to ask questions about your studies or the college. To make the most out of your meeting here are some things you could discuss during your meeting:

Discuss how you could improve your academic performance 

Many of you would have recently sat mock exams, this would be a great topic to discuss at the meeting. If you had trouble with structuring answers or ran out of time during your exams, talk to your teacher about how you could improve. If you didn’t get the marks you wanted, discuss how you could improve your answers to ensure you get the best possible grade and how you could do better for next time. 

Ask about getting help and support

If you are having trouble understanding topics letting your teacher know. There may be support available within the college that you may not be aware of. 

Mention your goals after college

If your planning on going university talking about your progress and current grades may be useful. When you made your university application you had to include your predicted grades and making sure you are on track is important. If you have received a conditional offer your grades will determine if you are able to secure a place on the course you have applied for. 

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