West Midlands Fire Service Road Casualty Reduction Team support Stay Safe Week

A huge thank you to Stuart Fisher MBE for visiting Cadbury College as part of Stay Safe Week.

Stuart was left with life-changing injuries after being knocked down by a drunk driver in 1996, and is in need of 24 hour care. He kindly agreed to join the West Midlands Fire Service Road Casualty Reduction Team (RCRT) for a talk and Q&A session with Cadbury students, to help raise awareness about road safety.

Cadbury College’s Stay Safe Week ran from 20th to 23rd October, 2014. The week was organised with the aim of educating all students on how to stay safe in a variety of situations and covered issues such as crime prevention, personal safety and online safety.

Students participated in events and talks which offered advice on a huge range of safety related topics. Organisations involved in the week included West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service, BikeRight, Aquarius and Centro.

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