Work Experience Event

Student Work Experience

Work Experience in Birmingham

At Cadbury College, we have been focusing on introducing work experience to students. At the Hub, during break and lunch, there’s been an opportunity for students to find out more about how work experience can benefit them. There were opportunities to look at current work experience vacancies and apply for them. As well as checking out the VR headset for a scuba diving and police officer simulation. Work experience for dentistry, healthcare, teaching and other opportunities are currently available.

Studying at University

So how can work experience benefit students? There are many reasons why students should consider finding some work experience. Universities will expect students to not only have good grades but also something else to offer. Something that can impress the admissions team at a university is work experience. This shows that students are committed to the area of study they have chosen at the university. Also, experience related to the career students are looking to get into could help them during their university studies. Having completed work experience, the theory behind their studies could be easier to understand as they would have had practical experience to relate to. Thousands of students will be applying to universities. Work experience could help students to stand out and increase their chances of studying the course they want at the university of their choice.

Getting a Job

The experience students have now could help them out in the future. Work experience would be useful is when you apply for jobs. Employers will look at previous work experience when hiring new employees. Getting work experience at this stage could help students to get a job later on in life especially if they are going into a specific career path. For example, studying and working in dentistry can be very competitive and getting work experience could prove to be useful. Work experience can help students to refine their skills as well as helping to develop new skills. These skills may be general skills required in the workplace or more career specific skills required for certain roles.



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