Physicist of the Year Award goes to Marc Rosales!

Each year, The Ogden Trust sponsor each school/college to nominate an outstanding year 12 physics student to receive an award.  

Marc Rosales was this year's award winner from Cadbury College and he was chosen for the outstanding work he produced in Physics throughout the year.

The award was presented to Marc at a special event held at Birmingham University School of Physics and Astronomy by the Ogden Trust.  The award was presented to Marc by Professor Martin Rees, the head of the Nuclear Physics group at Birmingham.

The awards evening consisted of a tour of the first year laboratories, where many demonstrations had been set up, together with a buffet meal.  This was followed by the awards presentations and then a lecture by Professor Alberto Vecchio on the First Detection of Gravitational Waves.  Professor Vecchio was one of the physicists who actually made the discovery using the LIGO gravitational wave detectors in America.

A big congratulations to Marc and all of the award winners around the country!

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