Student competes in European Championship

Second year student, Deanna Dawkins is preparing to close her Science and Business Studies textbooks this weekend to compete at European level in the European Classic Championships in Powerlifitng, supported by the European Powerlifting Federation.  Cadbury College has sponsored Deanna for the competition, for which she has been chosen to represent Great Britain alongside Polish and Finnish athletes in her category.

The competition consists of 3 divisions, with 143 lifters competing.  Deanna will be competing in the Sub-Junior division against 24 other athletes.

This exciting opportunity for Deanna comes after 12 months of training and competing in the sport, achieving awards throughout her lifting career.

Deanna has been training at Hatchford Brook Powerlifting Gym in Solihull with coach Stan Macrow:

There will be a competition at Cadbury College for students to get involved in and have a go at Powerlifting, to help encourage more students to get into extra-curricular activity. This comes with a new initiative which will be in place from September, where external visitors from all sorts of organisations will be visiting the college on a Monday afternoon to promote their interest and get students involved!

Don't forget to keep up with Deanna's journey on Sunday 12th March at around 12pm - she will be live streamed here:

Good luck Deanna - the College is supporting you 100% and wishing you all the best!


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