Cadbury Model UN

Flags outside the UN

The United Nations (UN) is an international organisation that was founded in 1945 with the purpose of achieving international order as to avoid any further conflict between countries. The organisation was set up after the second World War to prevent such an event from ever taking place again. The UN works on a range of issues that include; climate change, security, terrorism and humanitarianism.

The Model United Nations gives students from schools, colleges, and universities a chance to experience what the UN is all about. Role playing meetings for different scenarios, students get an idea of how conflicts are dealt with by the UN.

Students choose or are allocated a country which they will represent during the meetings where conflicts and issues are discussed. Researching a country’s viewpoint on issues, debating and putting forward arguments for a variety of topics allows students to understand and appreciate the time and effort the UN puts in to resolve issues. 

Not only is the Model UN an enjoyable experience but students often develop and refine skills throughout the process. Researching details about key issues can help students prepare for university where students are required to research for assignments. Debating, negotiating and presenting ideas and arguments are also useful skills that are developed throughout the experience.

Well done to the Cadbury College students that took part at Cadbury College’s first ever model UN. A big thank you to Christopher Hofmann who organised and advertised the Model UN to students. As well as creating resources to explain the process and official procedures for participating.

Students discussed resolutions whilst representing different countries and tried to come up with resolutions to the issues on the agenda. The issues that students tackled were:

Human Rights council

Syrian Refugee Crisis
Establishment of International Abortion Rights

Security Council

South Sudan Terrorism Crisis
Protection of Infrastructure against Terrorist Attacks

Students managed to debate and create resolutions for the issues over the two days. Many of the participants found the experience enjoyable as it provided a platform to discuss current issues and debate with others on the best ways to resolve the conflicts. Not only was it an enjoyable experience but also an opportunity to meet new students from around the college who studied different courses.

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