A-level Results Preparation

A-level Results Preparation

Options to consider
A-level results day is approaching and there are a couple of things you should consider before your results are announced on the 17th August 2017. These results will have an impact on what you choose to do in the future, whether you decide to complete an apprenticeship, choose to study at a university or get into full-time employment.

At Cadbury College, results will be available at the college or you can access them online. We hope you get the results you were hoping for but if this is not the case then you don’t need to panic. If you have applied on UCAS to study at a university your results will be crucial in helping you to secure a place. It is best to be prepared and we can help. You may find that your grades are lower than expected or you might have done even better than what you were predicted. Regardless of the outcome, there are a number of things you can do if your results are different to what you were expecting.


Lower results than expected
If on results day you do not get the grades you were expecting, you should consider looking into Clearing. This is a service on the UCAS website that allows you to apply to courses at universities if you have not got an offer to study at a university. The UCAS website will have a range of courses available at different universities but there are limited spaces so it is best to be prepared.


Better results than expected
If you have exceeded the results you were expecting to get, there is also a way for you to change courses or universities. The Adjustment service is available on the UCAS website from results day (August 17th) until August 31st. If you decide to go through the Adjustment process and secure a place at a different university, you will lose your original university choice.

If you decide that studying at university is not for you there are also other options, you could consider. Considering internships, apprenticeships and employment are all routes you could take after getting your results.

For more information about what to do after getting your results go to the UCAS website

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