Cadbury College Certificate Collection Day

Certificate Collection Day

On Wednesday the 10th of January former students of Cadbury College were invited back to collect their certificates. After a couple of years of hard work, students finally achieved their goals of gaining employment or securing a place at the university they applied to. We are happy to report our students are enjoying the next steps they have taken to achieve their career goals. Students also had great things about their time at Cadbury College and how it helped them get to where they currently are.Cadbury College is proud to be a college that provide an atmosphere to inspire our students and help students achieve the grades and develop the skills they need to progress onto the next chapter in their lives.

Below are some of the comments students made when reflecting on their time at Cadbury:

“The subjects I have studied here have allowed me to progress and achieve my goal of studying Architecture”. - Fawziyah Akhtar, Coventry University Architecture

“My Law teacher inspired me to take in a career in law”. – Fatheha Haydor, Law with criminology Birmingham City University

“The college helped me to revise properly and use my time more effectively so I get more done in less time.” – Marc Rosales, University of Birmingham Mechanical Engineering

“I loved my time at Cadbury and received a lot of support from teachers when applying to university. I loved being able to study a mixture of BTECs and A-Levels too!”. – Joanna Mason, University of Manchester Drama

“I attended Cadbury College and studied BTEC Health & Social Care, Performing Arts & A Level Psychology. My time at Cadbury has built my confidence and now I am at Newman University.” – Leshaun Lienner Bankole, Newman University children, Working with Young People and Families BA (Hons)

“Studying at Cadbury gave me opportunity to travel as I was able to go on the trip to Spain. Cadbury gave me the chance to meet a number of people that will be my friends for life.” -  Wakas Shah, BCU Accountancy


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