Glenn James delivers workshops for Cadbury students

In November, Cadbury College welcomed writer and storyteller Glenn James to work with students on their writing techniques.  The two workshops he provided were offered to second year Drama and Theatre Studies students, who are working on the devised drama unit of the course, and also to first year Creative Writing students.

Reflecting on the workshops, Glenn James said, "My visit to Cadbury College was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable I can remember, working with the Drama and Creative Writing students.  They questioned me, stretched me, and really thought about what I was saying and doing, exploring the work and my approach.  This is just how it should be, and as a writer I found it a rewarding and a highly creative process.  They were a set of extremely bright young people and it was a privilege to meet them."

Ravinder Jhite, Drama and Theatre Studies teacher at Cadbury College said, "students are devising a piece of theatre inspired by the work of photographer Vivian Maier, whose work has inspired films and photographers around the world. Glenn was wonderful with the students who he helped with staging a particular scene. He inspired them with a piece of original writing which they have adapted and performed. His performance of the speech was outstanding. Students will be performing their play entitled Peripheral Vision on 10th December at 2.45pm and 4.30pm. They are currently in rehearsal for the piece that they have written and designed, which involves them structuring their own set."

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