Former Cadbury student is now a successful Optometrist!

Matt Rose joined Cadbury College in 1997 to study A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths.  Reflecting on his time spent studying at Cadbury College, Matt said, "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the college, and I actually met my now-wife and Best Man there too!  I have many happy memories from my time there!  Whilst I was studying my A-Levels, Cadbury hosted a career-focussed talk discussing embarking on a career in Optometry.  It was because of this talk, complemented by teacher support and my enjoyment of the subjects, that I decided to study Optometry as a university degree."  

Matt studied a BSC (Hons) Optometry degree at the Institute of Science and Technology at the University of Manchester between 1998 and 2001, followed by the successful completion of his Professional Qualifications in 2002.

City Year visit Cadbury College

On Friday March 18th, City Year and STA Travel set up camp in Cadbury College's Hub (restaurant), advertising some amazing gap year and volunteering opportunities to students.  After students complete their advanced level studies, they can either go to university, start employment or take a year out to "change the world" before they embark on their next step.  Finding out what these organisations could offer was an eye-opening experience for students.

Ryan Hussain joined Cadbury College in 2012 from Queensbridge Visual and Performing Arts School, studying A-Levels in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology.

When he was studying his A-Levels, he wasn't 100% sure what he wanted to do when he left college, so he decided to spend 11 months volunteering for City Year.  Discussing his experiences, Ryan said: 

Photography students visit the Tate Modern Gallery

In March, first and second year A-Level Photography students took a trip to the Tate Modern Art Gallery to experience the "Performing for the Camera" exhibition, which is running until June 12th 2016.

It was a fantastic experience for the students, with the exhibition being full of big names from the photography world.

It bagn with the 196,0s where Yves Klein documented his nude models' performances where they were painted blue and created body prints on paper. This went all the way through the decades, through to Cindy Sherman where she changes her identity through a variety of portraiture work.

There were over 50 photographers exhibiting at the event, so there was something to inspire all of the photography student’s own work and projects.

A-Level students enjoy the beauty of the southern coast!

On Monday February 29th 2016, our Geography and Travel & Tourism students hit the road bright and early at 8am to begin their exciting field trip in Bournemouth, Dorset. The group filled two mini-buses and arrived at The Mount Stuart Hotel in good time. They enjoyed great spring weather throughout the trip, and visited a wealth of popular sites during their few days there. On their first day, the group visited the famous cliff (East Cliff at Bridport Sands, West Bay) which forms the set of the popular TV Show, Broadchurch.  Incidentally, overnight on February 29th, a section of the cliff had collapsed, and the group were able to discuss why this may have happened and assess the impact, which complements their studies in their respective subjects.  

Students helped to "build a better working world" at EY!

On the 26th February 2016, second year students from Cadbury College finished their 2 weeks' work experience at Universum World's second most attractive employer in the world [2014], EY (formerly Ernst & Young). 

Raheem Hussain and Janki Chohan (pictured left) have both successfully completed their first year of A-Level study at Cadbury and are half way through their second whilst preparing for their next steps. 

Giles Hammond supports detection of gravitational waves!

Giles Hammond joined Cadbury Sixth Form College in 1990 to study Physics, Maths and Chemistry.  Following his studies at Cadbury, Giles studied in Birmingham before getting a faculty position at the University of Glasgow.

During his time at Glasgow, Giles has been leading the development of the suspensions installed in advanced LIGO, which has just detected gravitational waves! 

Photographer, Jocelyn Allen, visits Cadbury College!

Photographer, Jocelyn Allen, came to Cadbury College and gave a talk to all of the first year Photography students (and one second year student, Serena) about their photography work to date.

She went through a chronological journey from her A-Level at Stratford upon Avon, through her BA work at Newport, on to her MA at London College of Communication and then describing her working method after college.

She gave a very personal account of being both an artist and student, through a very detailed presentation.  Jocelyn focuses a great deal within the depiction of portraiture; she also includes some earlier fashion work and a continual exploration of self portraiture.  

West Midlands Football Team Results: 0-1 to Cadbury!

Congratulations to the sixth form boys who put in an impressive away display to beat Solihull College 1-0 and remain undefeated this season.

After a slow start for both teams on a windy and wet afternoon, Cadbury began to take control and created the better chances throughout the first half. After half an hour, a break down the right wing saw the ball crossed for Trai Jackson to neatly finish past the goalkeeper.

The second half produced a wave of attacks by Cadbury, but a combination of goalkeeper saves and desperate defending saw the game remain at 1-0 to Cadbury throughout the second half.  

Well done to all 15 players involved, with special mentions to Akil Scott and Kibria Rahman in central defence.

Cadbury will play the winner of the match between Solihull 6th Form and Dudley College in the semi-final of the West Midlands Cup next month.

Students enjoy History conference at Carrs Lane College

Our History students attended a conference about Henry VII recently, to complement their studies in lessons and provide further insights to help develop their understanding of the topic. One of the students reflected on their experience of the day: “The Historyconference consisted of four speakers who gave their own opinions of King Henry VII based on various questions and sources they had researched. These talks helped us to be able to add to our work in class, in a sense that they gave us further insight into the topic we’re studying, and provided evidence to use in our essay

Ex-Cadbury Student inspires budding Birmingham actors

Lauren Crace joined Cadbury Sixth Form College in 2003 to study a GCSE in Drama and Theatre Studies.  She then followed on in 2004 to study Art, Drama and Theatre Studies and Media Studies at A-Level, after which she became a proud member of Stage2 for five years before moving to London to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  She recently returned to Stage2 to have a chat with the current students there - she inspired them to continue with their hard work to achieve their ultimate career goals!