Giles Hammond supports detection of gravitational waves!

Giles Hammond joined Cadbury Sixth Form College in 1990 to study Physics, Maths and Chemistry.  Following his studies at Cadbury, Giles studied in Birmingham before getting a faculty position at the University of Glasgow.

During his time at Glasgow, Giles has been leading the development of the suspensions installed in advanced LIGO, which has just detected gravitational waves! 

Photographer, Jocelyn Allen, visits Cadbury College!

Photographer, Jocelyn Allen, came to Cadbury College and gave a talk to all of the first year Photography students (and one second year student, Serena) about their photography work to date.

She went through a chronological journey from her A-Level at Stratford upon Avon, through her BA work at Newport, on to her MA at London College of Communication and then describing her working method after college.

She gave a very personal account of being both an artist and student, through a very detailed presentation.  Jocelyn focuses a great deal within the depiction of portraiture; she also includes some earlier fashion work and a continual exploration of self portraiture.  

West Midlands Football Team Results: 0-1 to Cadbury!

Congratulations to the sixth form boys who put in an impressive away display to beat Solihull College 1-0 and remain undefeated this season.

After a slow start for both teams on a windy and wet afternoon, Cadbury began to take control and created the better chances throughout the first half. After half an hour, a break down the right wing saw the ball crossed for Trai Jackson to neatly finish past the goalkeeper.

The second half produced a wave of attacks by Cadbury, but a combination of goalkeeper saves and desperate defending saw the game remain at 1-0 to Cadbury throughout the second half.  

Well done to all 15 players involved, with special mentions to Akil Scott and Kibria Rahman in central defence.

Cadbury will play the winner of the match between Solihull 6th Form and Dudley College in the semi-final of the West Midlands Cup next month.

Students enjoy History conference at Carrs Lane College

Our History students attended a conference about Henry VII recently, to complement their studies in lessons and provide further insights to help develop their understanding of the topic. One of the students reflected on their experience of the day: “The Historyconference consisted of four speakers who gave their own opinions of King Henry VII based on various questions and sources they had researched. These talks helped us to be able to add to our work in class, in a sense that they gave us further insight into the topic we’re studying, and provided evidence to use in our essay

Ex-Cadbury Student inspires budding Birmingham actors

Lauren Crace joined Cadbury Sixth Form College in 2003 to study a GCSE in Drama and Theatre Studies.  She then followed on in 2004 to study Art, Drama and Theatre Studies and Media Studies at A-Level, after which she became a proud member of Stage2 for five years before moving to London to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  She recently returned to Stage2 to have a chat with the current students there - she inspired them to continue with their hard work to achieve their ultimate career goals!

"Picking up the Pieces" with Ashram Moseley

On 11th December, Cadbury College welcomed representatives from Ashram Moseley, who form part of the Accord Group.  

The organisation has recently devised and published a “game”, which aims to raise awareness of issues experienced by many; domestic violence, forced marriage and FGM amongst others. 

The conference was delivered in Cadbury College’s 180-seat Bob Michell Performance Theatre to a group of A-Level students and a range of 30 external providers who were invited to attend.  

Celebrating our students' results in preparation for Certificate Day!

Each year, Cadbury Sixth Form College is very fortunate to have a group of students with individual talents, each with their own unique aspirations - 2015 was no exception and our leavers have achieved fantastic results, which will help them reach their goals.

There is, however, so much more to a successful college than just results and statistics.  

At Cadbury College, we are proud to be able to provide outstanding levels of support and care to our students. We are proud to offer a warm and welcoming environment for them to study, learn and grow in.  We are proud to offer extensive opportunities for our students to help them make the most of their time at college and exceed their potential.

We are proud to celebrate a year of successes and hard work of both our students and our staff. 

A-Level students take a weekend trip to the Lake District

Between the 27th and 29th November 2015, our Geography and Travel and Tourism students visited The Lake District to complement their coursework and projects for the A-Level courses.   The students enjoyed a packed, albeit a very soggy, couple of days, making home at the Ambleside Youth Hostel in the evenings.  On the Friday, they visited Grasmere to see Wordsworth Grave and the Gingerbread house.  They celebrated their first day of the trip in the evening with a quiz, where the winning group won a prize!  On the Saturday, the group took a brisk and again, very wet, walk to Osset’s Head above Windermere.  The afternoon saw them enjoy a boat trip to Bowness and the evening brought another exciting quiz night for the group.

Maths Inspiration

Maths Inspiration

First year maths student and student blogger, Maisie Truman, attended the Maths Inspiration event on November 16th.

“When I heard we would be attending a maths inspiration talk at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, I was surprised to say the least. In my experience, maths is not a subject that often has the opportunity to go on school trips, which is unfortunate for those who, like me, are seriously considering maths as a career.” 

Students re-create the Shakespearian classic, Romeo and Juliet

Performing Arts teacher, Ravinder Jhite, said, "This was the first big production that our first year students performed, so it was an important stepping stone for them." ... "I am delighted with the end result. The students worked really well as part of a professional theatre company and the quality of their work was excellent. They exceeded my expectations of what could be achieved in only six weeks of rehearsal."

Adil Hussain, who played the part of Tybalt in the performance, said "I really enjoyed performing and I learnt lots of new skills such as choreographing stage combat sequences. The experience helped the group to work as part of a team."

Courtney Farnsworth, another of the BTEC Performing Arts students, said "I enjoyed developing skills of team work and gaining stage confidence as a performer."