Student Success Stories

Matt Rose

Matt Rose joined Cadbury College in 1997 to study A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths.  Reflecting on his time spent studying at Cadbury College, Matt said, "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the college, and I actually met my now-wife and Best Man there too!  I have many happy memories from my time there!  Whilst I was studying my A-Levels, Cadbury hosted a career-focussed talk discussing embarking on a career in Optometry.

New GCSE Grade Conversions

In 2017 GCSEs were updated with new GCSEs being linear in structure rather than modular. Students now have all exams at the end of a two-year course. The changes were made to make GCSEs more challenging and to help students leave school better prepared for work and further study. GCSEs will now be graded from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest grade a student can achieve, compared to the previous grading system which gave students a grade between an A* and G grade. A grade 4 is now what the Department of Education recognises as a ‘standard pass’ which previously would have been a grade C.

Bursary Information

Student Services at Cadbury College provides a wealth of support and guidance for its student body, including financial support. 

The college supports two types of bursary; The Guaranteed Bursary and The  Discretionary Bursary.

The Guaranteed Bursary

The Guaranteed Bursary is for students who live independently or for those who are in care.  The bursary provides up to £1,200 per year to support students with their travel passes, UCAS application fees, books and equipment, course-specific field trips and lunch vouchers.

Student Success Stories

Professor Giles Hammond of the University of Glasgow, was a student at Cadbury College from 1990-1992 and studied A-Levels in physics, chemistry and mathematics. He is a leading figure in his field of gravitational research, having developed techniques and sensors for advanced gravitational wave detectors.

He says: “I’m from Birmingham and my parents still live there, so Cadbury was the local college for me. It had a good reputation for science and maths and was a couple of bus rides away from my home in Bournville

Entry Requirements

Standard 3 A-Level Programme:

Many students will choose to study 3 A-Level courses.  From September, Cadbury College will be running linear A-Level courses, which means students will commit to these subjects for the full 2 years that they are here. Entry requirements for this programme are:

Frequently Asked Questions

My school’s sixth form is smaller – does that mean it’s better?

Ofsted have recently criticised small school sixth forms in a recent report published in TES Magazine, for offering a narrow choice of subjects which often "guide young people on the wrong courses because of the limited range available" meaning that students attending smaller sixth forms are more likely to "achieve considerably poorer results than those in larger sixth forms." Cadbury College is proud to offer a wide range of courses including A-Levels and BTEC Level 3s.