Apprentice Teddy is Accelerating His Digital Marketing Career

Teddy Venables Digital Marketing Apprentice at Maxey Moverley

An A star design student from Cadbury is now accelerating his career with a digital marketing apprenticeship.

Teddy Venables is embracing his new opportunities at hi-tech electronic repairs firm Maxey Moverley since starting his apprenticeship six months ago.

He says: “Even in this short period, I feel like I've gotten great insight into marketing and business, which has fuelled my ambition to go further. Digital marketing is a great option for young people who want to get into business, grow and develop their skills, and find new opportunities.”

Despite previous setbacks in his schooling years, Teddy proved his tenacity through his artistic and tech skills, and he went on to accomplish an A* in Graphic Design and a Merit in IT at Cadbury.


Cadbury Sixth Form College is now offering the T Level in Digital Design to give your career plans even more flexibility.


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