Cadbury Pathways leading to careers in Birmingham

Career Pathways & Employment

Cadbury College’s Pathways are designed to cover a whole range of careers and occupations, making it easier for students to choose what to study. Not only do our subjects cover a wide range of careers but we have a number of different qualifications to find something that is suitable for each individual. Birmingham's job market is growing and research shows A-Level qualifications will play a big part in getting a job in Birmingham (read more here).

Students who are looking to go into business management areas including sales and marketing have the option of choosing an A-level, BTEC or CTEC business courses. Students who prefer examinations may prefer the A-Level Business course whilst students who prefer assignments and coursework may opt for a BTEC Business course. 
The business and financial services sector is the sector expected to have the largest number of jobs to be introduced. Estimates indicate there could be around 19,00 new jobs in the business sector to be filled in Birmingham by 2022. As well as these new jobs there will be around 71,000 positions that will need to replace workers who have retired or decided to leave the labour market. 

Advanced engineering and manufacturing 
The engineering and manufacturing sector is expected to have around 11,000 job openings over the next few years. A specific sector that is based around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic). Cadbury College offers a wide range of subjects that could progress into STEM careers or STEM courses at universities such as A-Level Mathematics. Cadbury offers Science A-Levels such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Applied Science and CTEC Science. For those students interested in the technological and engineering aspects students will be pleased to know that we also offer Engineering, 3D/ Product Design that could help progress into a STEM career.

Information Technology
A sector that is constantly developing at a rapid pace this sector requires professionals that are highly qualified. Cadbury college offers subjects such as Computer science and BTEC Information and Creative Technology that can provide a solid foundation in understanding the basics of going into a career related to information technology. This sector is expected to have around 7,000 jobs opening in this sector by 2022 including 4,000 new jobs.

Health and Social Work
The health and social care industry is also expected to experience an increase in the demand for more professional and managerial roles. However, in order to progress into the higher level careers in health and social work, employees need to have the relevant qualifications and skills. Cadbury college can offer students a number of subjects that complement these careers. For those who have a real desire for the sector, we offer both an Extended Certificate and Diploma in Health & Social Care. Overall, by 2022 there are expected to be 42,000 job openings in this sector. 

Is going to have a major impact on the future of Birmingham. The links to the other major cities are going to be significantly reduced and the whole project will be introducing a range of different jobs. There are estimates of around 65,000 jobs being created up to 2022. The construction stages of the project would include a whole range of professions being involved including, engineers, designers and project managers. The employees that are involved with the HS2 project would need to have the relevant qualifications and skills to be hired. Cadbury College’s courses are great examples of qualifications that could help employees to be a part of the HS2 project. We offer both CTEC and Level 3 design courses that could lead to relevant skills and qualifications needed for carers involved in projects like the HS2. 

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