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Hufsah Mir joined Cadbury Sixth Form College in 2012 after achieving a strong set of GCSE qualifications at Edgbaston High School for Girls.  In 2014, Hufsah successfully completed her A-Level studies, gaining ABC grades in Graphics, Photography and Textiles respectively.  Currently in her second year of Graphic Design study at the University of Derby, part of Hufsah's course involves establishing links with fellow designers and employers to gain an understanding of what life in the design sector is like after university and where the course can take her.  She spent some time with Birmingham-based design company, "An Endless Supply", where she learnt new techniques and all about life working in the design industry.  She has since populated her personal blog describing the experience.  She is also building up a portfolio of strong design work on her blog, to complement her degree work.  During her university studies, Hufsah is also a freelance designer and a Costa Coffee employee.

Reflecting on her time at Cadbury College, Hufsah said, "I found my time Cadbury really beneficial and eye-opening. At the time I didn't appreciate how fun the trips and guest speakers were on my course. I made friends I still see daily and used programmes that gave me a head start at university.  If I were to restart college the advice I'd give myself would be to really make use of all the facilities that the college has to offer! Also, as cliché as it may sound, in a few years time you'll look back and laugh at the things you stressed over during college years; your tutors and teachers really are there for you if you need someone to speak to."

Cadbury College wishes Hufsah all the best for her third and final year at university!

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