Enrol From 12 August to Start in September!

Cadbury Sixth Form College is preparing to open its doors to a new intake of students this September, with enrolment taking place from Thursday 12 August.

More than 30 different courses are on offer, which not only prepare students for university places, but are also designed to build a strong skill set for the workplace. Core AS and A Level subjects are offered alongside a range of specialist diplomas. This wide selection offers students the opportunity to gain UCAS points in whichever way is best suited to their chosen career and academic abilities.

Julia Stevens, Principal of Cadbury Sixth Form College, commented: “All of our students have so many opportunities ahead of them. We are delighted to offer our support to everyone enrolling with us – whether it’s career guidance or advice on how best to prepare for university.”

When to Enrol


12/08/2021 Thursday 12pm-6pm
13/08/2021 Friday 9am-4pm
14/08/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
16/08/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
17/08/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
18/08/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
19/08/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
20/08/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
21/08/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
23/08/2021 Monday 10am-7pm
24/08/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm
25/08/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
26/08/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
27/08/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
28/08/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
30/08/2021 Bank Holiday
31/08/2021 Tuesday 10am-7pm


01/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-7pm
02/09/2021 Thursday 10am-7pm
03/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
04/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
06/09/2021 Monday 10am-6pm
07/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-6pm
08/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-6pm
09/09/2021 Thursday 10am-6pm
10/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
11/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
13/09/2021 Monday 10am-6pm
14/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-6pm
15/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-6pm
16/09/2021 Thursday 10am-6pm
17/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
18/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
20/09/2021 Monday 10am-6pm
21/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-6pm
22/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-6pm
23/09/2021 Thursday 10am-6pm
24/09/2021 Friday 10am-4pm
25/09/2021 Saturday 11am-3pm
27/09/2021 Monday 10am-4pm
28/09/2021 Tuesday 10am-4pm
29/09/2021 Wednesday 10am-4pm
30/09/2021 Thursday 10am-4pm


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