Fairy tales of the forest performance

At Cadbury College students have a wide range of courses to choose from, each course providing a unique understanding of the different subject areas. Performing arts students have recently been invited to schools to showcase their ‘Fairy tales of the forest performance.’

The performance was written and organised by the students themselves. From creating the scripts, deciding on the scenes and even improvising during the performances. Students were able to have the freedom to create their own monologues and decide on what thigs to include during the play.

The performance was a result of the students working towards their children’s theatre unit. The students visited Fairway Primary Academy to participate in their pirate themed event. As well as this there was also a performance that took place Kings Norton Primary. Performing to two different age groups gave the students a better understanding of how performances should be tailored for the target audience. The performance was targeted at eight year olds who were the target audience at Kings Norton Primary. However, performing at Fairway Primary Academy gave the students an opportunity to see how a younger audience would react to the performance.

The students were keen to draw on classic characters with whom to incorporate into the performance. Some of the characters included Captain Hook and Tinker Bell.

Cadbury offers students the options to study a Performing Arts BTEC Extended Certificate or a Drama & Performance – BTEC Diploma.

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