Feral Enigma: The Heart of a Wild Child

December 8th 2016 saw our second year Drama and Theatre Studies students tkae to the stage to perform their version of Feral Enigma: The Heart of a Wild Child, which is a piece based on a true story.  

The 35 minute piece of storytelling theatre was inspired by the lives of Victor Aveyron and Susan "Genie" Wiley.  Victor was a French feral child who was found at the age of around 12. He was raised in a forest by animals and later cared for by Jean Marc Gaspard Itard, a young doctor who taught him language and socialising skills.  Susan Wiley was imprisoned for the first 13 years of her life and had limited language when she was found.  highly traumatised, she received care and treatment from the "Genie Team" who taught her basic language when she was found.  Although progress was made, these two tragic cases show that as the children had missed the vital milestones of development, their progress in language learning was limited.

The cast included:

Edrisa Bayo Touray - Leo
Courtney Farnsworth - Ava
Hannah Farrell - Clown/Ruth
Carwyn Jones - Ryan Fletcher/Father
Megan Robb - Clown/Beatrice
Destine Sond - Jade
Kaynat Zaheer - Cassandra/Mother
Joining the cast in the Bob Michell Theatre at Cadbury College was an audience of current students, a selection of school pupils, Cadbury College staff and a group of second year Phtography A-Level students who captured the magic of the show as part of their studies.

Congratulations to all involved - a spectacular performance! See for yourself:

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