Getting back to nature

Second year students, Alya Asman and Josh Lee, spent February half term getting back to nature at Birmingham's Wildlife Conservation Centre for their work experience!  

Alya is studying Biology, Creative Writing and Maths at A-Level, whilst Josh is studying Religious Studies, Biology and Psychology.  Both students are enjoying their enrichment choice, by supporting Geography and Travel & Tourism teacher Ian Vogel with running the Green Club.  

During February half term, Alya and Josh enjoyed a week's work experience at Birmingham's Nature Centre, where they hand fed red pandas some apples, grapes and panda cakes (grass bananas, pears and water – blended up), fed and cleaned out multiple tamarins, fed and cleaned out the meerkats and were responsible for The Predators and Small Mammal Section. They also painted the animal food preparation area!

Speaking about her time there, Alya said: "The experience itself was very eye-opening, it changed my perspective on the hard work that is required in the conservation center and has made me more eager to pursue something in the field.  It has also taught me the value of hard, physical work and really allowed me to take initiative . I wasn't always told what to do; I was able to demonstrate my open-mindedness by taking responsibility for tasks before being asked to do so, whether that was cleaning a window by the animal enclosures or just cleaning the feeding bowls out. I had a really great time there!"

See what kinds of things our students got up to during their work experience, and the sorts of animals they had encounters with in the workplace:

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