Healthy Week with Centro at Cadbury College!

Mountain biking

The end of January saw Cadbury College host their “Healthy Week” event, where they invited a variety of organisations into the college to discuss health-related issues with students, promoting the importance of healthy living.  Christine Preece, Student Services Manager at Cadbury College, said "As part of our ‘healthy college’ status we think it is very important to offer as many services to our students as possible.  Many of our students are reluctant to source services outside of college, so it is vital that we bring the services to them."  

Once again we were very well supported by outside agencies – The National Blood Service, Aquarius, Umbrella, Youth Space and Gateway all attended.  We had stalls in our Hub (restaurant) which gave students the opportunity to sign up to services and take away lots of information.  We also signposted students to outside events such as Park Run and British Military Fitness which are happening at many of our local parks.

Various departments in college supported health week by running events;  The PE department ran drop in exercise and sport opportunities.  Our LRC held a health quiz and have health related displays and resources available. We also have a dedicated health area on our Moodle (VLE) which is constantly updated and available to students. 

Student surveys indicate that our students get a lot out of the week and this is confirmed by their enthusiastic participation. 

Centro, with whom Cadbury College works very closely, featured at the event, discussing the health (and cost!) benefits of riding a bike or walking to college instead of driving or taking the bus.  As part of this, the organisation kindly donated a selection of bike accessories (a MasterLock bike lock, cycle gloves and an assortment of reflectors) which were provided to the students who currently cycle to college, and aimed to encourage others to take up cycling.

First year student from Moseley, Eban Lewis (right), cycles 4 miles each way to and from college from Moseley.  He said, “I love cycling to college.  I don’t have to pay for the bus and it keeps me fit too!”

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