High Praise for Cadbury College Photography Student!

One of Cadbury College's Photography A-Level students, Hayden Patel, participated in ESRC's Changing World Photographic Competition.  The competition received over 1600 submissions, and there was a strong standard amongst those images. Hayden's work was highly commended by the judging panel of the competition, and he received a certificate for his efforts.

He visited the Meiner Gallery in London where the exhibition was held:

Speaking about the moment he found out that his work would be featured at the gallery's exhibition, Hayden "couldn't believe that the judges liked [his] work". He said, "To go and see my work in a gallery for people to view really boosted my confidence in my work."

Hayden, inspired by artist Liliana Porter in his second year of study at Cadbury Sixth Form College, started his project by looking at objects and attaching a story to them. The piece that was entered into the prestigious photographic competition formed a section of his series named "Forgotten", which aims to remind people of their old toys from their childhood. The piece encourages people to remember the fun times they had with their toys "back in the day", but also to realise that they are now stuffed into a box of other childhood memories, slowly gathering dust - ie. They have been "Forgotten".  When talking about his series, Hayden said his "work was about childhood toys and the memories attached to them; how we remember our toys in all their glory. They're all shiny, new and exciting and as we grow up they become more of a memory and eventually they become rusty and covered in dust."

Take a look at Hayden's series of photographs for this particular project:



A big well done to Hayden Patel on his work this year in Photography!

Hayden also studies Art and Design and Travel and Tourism A-Levels at Cadbury College.  Next year when he has completed his A-Level studies, he will be focusing on an Art Foundation course working on Illustration, with Photography on the side.

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