It's All Greek to Olga

Cadbury Sixth Form College Student

Spare a thought for Cadbury student Olga who has been stranded in Greece since Christmas. But undaunted by her lockdown experience, the resourceful student is making the most of her limited resources to continue successfully with her A Level Graphic Design, 3D Design, English Language and Greek studies. Here’s Olga’s story:

“Even though a couple of my subjects are practical and require physical resources that I am not able to provide, I always try to be creative to fill the gaps I’m missing from my coursework, even if that means stepping ahead of the game, rather than giving up just because I don’t have all the resources I need. For example, while I’m stuck here, I’ve taken advantage of my city and its animals by going out in nature to take some close-up pictures of animals such as deer that I can use on my graphics course in the future, as I’m creating a digital sketchbook called “wildlife extinction”. I’m doing my best to keep up with all my courses even though it’s a lot of stress and hard work. I hope for this lockdown to be over soon so I can carry on with my work more effectively. My overall experience is frustrating, but I am trying to see the positive side of my situation.”

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