Labour Councillor Alex Aitken Turns On Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights

Cadbury College welcomed former student, Alex Aitken, now the local councillor for Kings Norton, to switch on the Cadbury Christmas Tree lights. The event was attended by Graham Pennington the Principal and Julia Stevens the Executive Quality Director. Also attending where Cadbury's Earth Angel students and Mariyah Husayn the Director of Student Support. The Cadbury Earth Angels Project is now in its second year. The students are nominated by tutors towards the end of their first year for their exceptional relational skills. They work with Mariyah to help cultivate inclusiveness and a community welcome feel around the college. The students meet weekly to discuss how best to integrate mental wellbeing and positive psychology at the College. They search for ways to promote acts of kindness on a regular towards every member of Cadbury College and the local community. Alex commented on how impressive the programme was. He spoke to the students about how politics was starting to welcome the importance of wellbeing and kindness. He encouraged them to consider entering politics themselves, stressing how it needed more people with their relational skills and aptitude.

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