Maths Inspiration

Maths Inspiration

First year maths student and student blogger, Maisie Truman, attended the Maths Inspiration event on November 16th.

“When I heard we would be attending a maths inspiration talk at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham, I was surprised to say the least. In my experience, maths is not a subject that often has the opportunity to go on school trips, which is unfortunate for those who, like me, are seriously considering maths as a career.” 

Talking about how much she enjoyed the experience, Maisie said: “The talk itself was fascinating. The first speaker, Jen, explained how her mathematical work was incorporated with medicine and helping people. Our second speaker, John, was the engineer for the London Eye, and began his presentation discussing how it was built, and how mathematicians supported the build. He then discussed rollercoasters, and how maths is a crucial part of the design and construction process.” 

Maisie’s favourite part of the event was the final speaker: “Colin warmed us up with a few brain teasers, before taking us through the maths of juggling, and an exciting juggling performance!” 

Reflecting on the trip and considering maths as a career choice, Maisie said: “I now see how maths can save lives and provide world-renowned experiences. Although maths is already a love of mine, the talk opened my eyes to just how varied the subject is. I was truly inspired. I continue my course here at Cadbury with a fresh view on the subject, and I am excited to acquire more knowledge in the multiple areas of maths available to me. I might only have been studying Maths at Cadbury College for a couple of months, but so far I’m really enjoying it!” 

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