Naming of The Performing Arts Theatre

Bob Mitchell Theatre

Cadbury Sixth Form college are in the process of naming the The Performing Arts Theatre. Staff at Cadbury have offered their suggestions of what the name should be changed to and one of the suggestions that came up was the Lauren Crace Theatre.

Lauren who is a former student at the college was informed about the possibility of having the theatre named after her on Free radio earlier in the week. Lauren is well known for role in EastEnders as Danielle Jones has also been a part of a variety of other TV shows including Mr Selfridge, Shameless, Sherlock as well as many others.

All members of staff at Cadbury have the chance to vote on the list of names proposed by teachers at the college which include:

  • The Theatre
  • The Lauren Crace Theatre
  • The Cadbury Theatre
  • The Performance Theatre
  • The Studio
  • The Primrose Theatre
  • The Grand Union Theatre
  • The Everyman Theatre
  • The Performing Arts Theatre
  • The Awdry Theatre


Listen to the Free radio clip below to find out why Lauren thinks the college should be named after her. Voting closes Friday and the new name of the theatre will be announced soon. 

Results of the vote

Cadbury College are set to name their theatre the Lauren Crace Theatre.

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