NCS "takeover" Cadbury College

The ’Takeover Day’ was held in partnership with NCS for all Lower 6th students on the 4th and 5th October.  The aim of the day was to promote the understanding and development of employability skills through activities led by NCS practitioners.

Activities included:

‘SPENT’ - Looking at financial capability, this planning game used real life scenarios to get students to consider how they would manage money in adult life.
‘The CV Puzzle’ - To get students to think about how to present their skills and experience in the best way possible, working as a team and then presenting back to the group.
‘3 corners’ - To encourage taking initiative, groups were given scenarios in which they were challenged to consider if they would ‘do nothing’, ‘do something’ or ‘change it’.
‘Passport to Professionalism’ - Quick-fire activities in which students were challenged to build their skills in public speaking, interviews, business dress, writing a professional email and answering the phone in a business environment.
Students reported the day helped them to clarify their personal strengths and areas for improvement as well as giving them an opportunity to network with others outside of their normal friendship group. speaking to some of the students after the event, they said:

"I found the financial planning part of the day really useful; budgeting is really imporant, and the session helped me to work out how I will manage and fund myself at University!"

"The programme taught me that nothing worth having is easy.  It has encouraged me to keep going and be determined, as success is likely just around the corner - this is really useful for my A-Level exams!"

"Discussing the sorts of questions I'd be asked in a job interview was so helpful! I'm always nervous in interviews, so to be better prepared has really put my mind at ease!"

"The NCS Takeover Day has helped me to realise that there are always more opporuntiies - I'm going to get much more involved in college life!"

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