New And Exciting Changes At Cadbury College!

Richard Burden & Leanne Watkins-Gale

We are excited to present our brand new website! Cadbury College has been implementing changes throughout the college to improve your experience. From introducing new courses and creating our new Pathway structure, we are working towards making your experience at Cadbury College even better. Whether you’re a student looking to study at Cadbury College or a parent interested in helping your child decide on their future, Cadbury College is here to help. 

The new Cadbury College website features a refreshed design and improved the user experience. We have changed the navigation making it easier to find the pages you are looking for. There has also been a range of minor improvements made that add up to improve the overall experience. The new website includes structural changes as well as changes to the Cadbury College brand.

We have always put students at the center of our focus and with all the new changes we are implementing, the new website is a step forward in the right direction. The new website features updated information on our courses and even our new pathway structure. The pathway structure is designed to help students focus on the subjects they need for their future careers. Whether students go into full-time employment or further study students will know exactly what to study to help them progress.  

We will continue to update the website adding new content and making changes to benefit your user experience. We also had a visit from a local MP Richard Burden a few days ago who said the following about the college: "Positive meeting at @cadburycollege last Friday, hearing about their mission to help local young people develop their pathways to the future through education, inclusive support & access to business networks".

Have any thoughts or comments on our website? We would love to hear what you think. Contact us via email or use the new contact form that can be found on the website.  

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