Photographer, Jocelyn Allen, visits Cadbury College!

Photographer, Jocelyn Allen, came to Cadbury College and gave a talk to all of the first year Photography students (and one second year student, Serena) about their photography work to date.

She went through a chronological journey from her A-Level at Stratford upon Avon, through her BA work at Newport, on to her MA at London College of Communication and then describing her working method after college.

She gave a very personal account of being both an artist and student, through a very detailed presentation.  Jocelyn focuses a great deal within the depiction of portraiture; she also includes some earlier fashion work and a continual exploration of self portraiture.  

Jocelyn has won several awards for her work and the students had the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss her work further.  This was a rare and privileged opportunity for students to interview a photographer whose work is very personal and sensitive.

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