Planet Future Online Exhibition Showcases Students' Creative Interpretations

Student's artwork featuring photos with burnt edges

Creative work by talented Cadbury students has been selected for a national online exhibition exploring challenges facing the environment.  

The ‘Planet Future’ online exhibition has been launched by the Sixth Form Colleges Association and will run until July 22.

Successful submissions by A Level Photography students Kareena Parmar and Juwairiah Maniam, and A Level Art student Evan Rogers-Yates, all showcased their reflections on how the world is changing and what its future holds.

Kareena speaks about her Fading Away piece reflecting the planet's life. "It was once thriving with life but slowly we have been physically damaging it, forcing it to fade away with the burnt edges symbolising the planet's fate is now sealed."

Juwairiah speaks about her Embracing Mother Nature sequence of images showing a figure embarking on a journey where he embraces human and mother nature. "The first image shows the beginning of a journey of embracing mother nature. The second where he is overwhelmed with human creations, where nature has no home. The third image shows the gradual rebalancing, where mother nature can flourish with humans."

Student's artwork


Evan speaks about his Intertwined piece being a take on the relationship between man, nature and death. "I wanted to visually express the intertwined nature of the three using symbolism. I hope drawing attention to our interconnectedness and interdependency with the earth might open people’s eyes to the need to take much better care of it." 


Student's artwork depicting a man with a moth near his open mouth


Alex Burghart MP, Minister for Skills, said: "SFCA’s Planet Future exhibition highlights the extraordinary artistic talent in the sixth form college sector. My congratulations go to all the students involved. The sustainability agenda has never been more important and the exhibition highlights students’ hopes and fears about the future, while also showcasing their enormous creativity and innovation."

Bill Watkin, chief executive of the SFCA, said: "This online exhibition is also a way of celebrating the arts and recognising excellence in sixth form colleges. The wealth of talent in sixth form colleges ensures that, year-on-year, very high numbers of students are awarded places in our most prestigious art schools and go on to be successful artists." 

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