Remembrance Day Service Led by Psychology Lecturer and Army Veteran Carmelo

Army Veteran Carmelo Martinez

Psychology lecturer Carmelo Martinez spent many years serving with international security forces, eventually retiring as a Warrant Officer. Yesterday he led a Remembrance Day service with the college’s Multi Faith Chaplaincy team in the Learning Resource Centre.

Here Carmelo reflects on his military missions and shares his experiences with us:

“I am a veteran from many missions under United Nations and NATO flags: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan. I have witnessed the horrors that extremist ideas and a biased education can cause. Areas in conflict where suffering and despair were omnipresent in their citizens’ lives. As international security forces, our ultimate mission was to bring some peace, relief and dignity to people, defending the most precious democratic values of equality and diversity.

“These values are what I try to embed in my students every single day, beyond their academic instruction and grades. Values that will lead our youngsters to, in a near future, become successful adults, with dignity and respect. Those values that guide our work in Cadbury College.”

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