Student Catch-Up: Zhanaya Crossley

Following a year of successful results, our students have gone off in different directions to follow their dreams.  Some have gone to university, whilst others have gone straight into employment.  All in different industries and sectors, their journey through Cadbury College has helped them progress to where they want to be, and we couldn't be happier about it.

We've heard from one of our students who thoroughly enjoyed her time here.

Zhanaya Crossley joined us after her GCSE studies at Turves Green Girls School in 2013.  With a passion to study drama and perform as a career, she chose her A-Level subjects accordingly, despite her reservations.  Her studies in Theatre Studies, Performing Arts and Film Studies really brought out her performance side, and she appeared in the college performance of Beauty and the Beast, as well as performing in our Variety Night and Talent Shows.

She said: "When I left school, I wasn't confident in myself that I had made the right choice about going to college. I had always wanted to be in the performing industry, and I was worried about which college to choose and what subjects to study to help me get where I wanted to be.  After being at Cadbury for just one week and working with the fantastic Drama and Theatre team, I knew that I had made the right choice, and had a great opportunity to get the grades I needed."

Discussing her time at Cadbury College, Zhanaya went on to say:"I have honestly never felt as comfortable as I did at Cadbury College! The teachers and staff were so helpful, kind and supportive!  When me and my friends weren't in our lessons, we'd spend our spare time in the Lecture Theatre or Drama Studio just singing and acting through our favourite scenes and plays.  To others, that may seem silly or boring - but for me, those are the days that I will cherish. The days I miss the most!"

When talking about her future plans and where she is heading, Zhanaya told us how she now shares a flat with her boyfriend (who she met here at Cadbury!) and she is studying her dream Drama course at Newman University, whilst working part-time in retail alongside her studies.

Reflecting on her time at Cadbury College, Zhanaya said, "I remember thinking at the time that it was a right pain having to go to college. But looking back, the whole experience was great!  I miss it so much now! I had so much fun at Cadbury College, and I'll never forget the time I spent there.  To anyone who is in their last year at Cadbury, cherish your time and just enjoy yourselves! To those of you who are considering going to Cadbury in 2016 - just do it!  Don't give up on your dreams, and enjoy every second!"

It's lovely to hear back from our students and find out what's going on - so thank you Zhanaya!

We wish you every success for the future!

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