Students earn praise from business leaders

Our Envision enrichment group of second year students took part in an exciting challenge this month, earning buckets of praise from Birmingham's business leaders in the Community-Apprentice Pitching Challenge.  This year, Cadbury College had two teams of students entering the Community-Apprentice competition, which is running in fifteen schools across the city.  

Loosley based on the popular TV Show, The Apprentice, young people from across the city develop key employability skills by working in teams, developing communication techniques and demonstrating their strengths whilst managing their own projects.  Rather than competing to earn the most money, the teams strive to make the biggest positive impact on their respective communities.

Turning ideas into action

During this academic term, the students from Cadbury College have been collaborating to create exciting ideas and develop these ideas into a practical and strategic plan.  Together, they have set clear, attainable goals, identified relevant activitiies, allocated responsibilities, set deadlines, set out required resources and produced a budget to support the implementation of their plan.

Team ‘Project Love’ are planning to tackle negative perceptions of body image by conducting workshops with young people and running a social media campaign. Team ‘Violess’ are planning to change attitudes towards domestic violence by running workshops, holding assemblies and fundraising for a local domestic violence charity.  

Pitch Perfect!

The teams pitched their ideas, plans and reasoning to local business leaders in a bid to gain funding to support their implementation.  Business leaders also provided valuable feedback to the teams to help them improve their impact and make the most of the experience.

The event was held in the impressive surroundings of the University of Birmingham, a leading red brick University.  Seven teams from schools from across the city pitched in front of each other as well as the panel of business leaders, giving students the opportunity to watch each other to help them learn what makes a 'successful' pitch.

One of the panellists said: “It is clear how passionate the students from Cadbury College are about their projects and they have provided very detailed budgets for how they intend to support their activities. We hope that what they deliver has a lasting impact on their community.”

Student, Soumaia Edbali, said: “Although the Pitching Challenge seemed difficult and scary the business mentoring session I had with my business mentors at GKN really helped me to develop my presentation skills and build my confidence for the challenge.” 

We wish all the teams the best of luck in seeing through their campaigns!

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