Students encounter a world of diversity!

Yesterday, twenty six A level Art, Photography and Creative Writing students visited 3 very diverse galleries.

Reflecting on their adventure, the students and staff talk about their exeriences during the day:

"We began in Reading Gaol where there was an exhibition titled “ Inside” where various famous contemporary artists and writers responded to the theme of being inside a prison and also the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde and the work he wrote whilst serving time from 1895-1897 for being gay. It was quite an eerie and claustrophobic experience for most of us but also a great opportunity to witness how grim life would have been, being confined to a very small cell for 23 hours a day. The accompanying artwork and text was powerful and evocative.


Our next stop was the Oxford Modern art gallery.

This gallery was celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary by showcasing a variety of work from over that last 700 exhibitions. The current work is Richard Long’s floor piece which he describes .. “ My footsteps make the mark. My legs carry me across the country. It’s like a way of measuring the world. I love that connection to my own body. It’s me to the world”.

Our last exhibition was to the National History and Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

These are truly global museums. The Pitt Rivers displays archaeological and ethnographic objects from all parts of the world and all time periods. The National history houses a wide range of species, including the extinct Dodo bird and numerous dinosaur skeletons."

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