Students explore Gas Hall and Ikon

A-Level Art students visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery exhibition, “Night in the Museum” curated by a leading British artist, Ryan Gander, who had selected works from this world class national collection of modern and contemporary British art, as part of the celebrations for the Arts Council Collection’s 70th anniversary.

The students had the opportunity to view works of art by famous artists such as Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein and Patrick Caulfield. 

The students also visited the Ikon Gallery to listen to a talk about the exhibition by the artist Roger Hiorns. Hiorns changes the function and meaning of materials and objects within his work. He uses copper sulphate crystals to transform objects such as engines into beautiful blue crystallised images. "He is preoccupied with the implications of physical and chemical change”. Atomising a jet engine into dust and including brain matter in images as a reference to the Mad Cow disease and the lack of government support for the victims. This was a very thought provoking exhibition which inspired the students as they start their externally set assessment exam unit.

(Both exhibitions are free-see venues for dates and times if you are interested in attending yourself!)

Take a look at what the students got up to:

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