Students explore new approaches to art and fiction!

On Wednesday 30th November, Creative Writing and Digital Art students from Cadbury College visited a range of Birmingham Galleries as part of a research project for their respective A-level and BTEC courses.

During the day, they visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, The Gas Hall and Waterhall Galleries as well as The Custard Factory.  They also paid a visit to the Birmingham Library and the festive German Market!

One of the exhibitions featured the work of Ryan Gander as part of a collection entitled "Night in the Museum". Ryan Gardner said:  "When I look at sculptures of the human figure I am frequently left thinking of all the things that they’ve seen. This is the world of the silent onlooker." This idea inspired his collection which utilizes many different materials to explore new approaches to art. He invites us to look beyond traditional themes and histories and to consider new narratives and relationships.

The exhibits inspired the Creative Writing students' fiction writing and also their non-fiction writing as they are producing a pitch and a blog to promote the event.  Digital Art students were guided on a day of urban exploration recording what they found along the way from street art and graffiti to sculpture, buildings and machines. This was a photography field trip to provide inspiration for their graphic design work.

Check out some of what the students enjoyed throughout their trip:

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