What’s The Craic With Geography At Cadbury College?

Free Radio Publicity

A new Geography quiz game with a boatload of controversy behind it is making waves at Cadbury. The Cleverley punned quiz game was coined by non-other than one of Cadbury’s favourite Alumni, Lauren Crace, on the Free Radio Breakfast show. Initially supposed to be used on the show by Lauren and her co-hosts, her proposal was shot down by our very own head of Geography, Ian Vogel, live on air. Claiming the game didn’t seem to make that much sense, Ian sided with Lauren’s co-hosts much to her dismay; but this was not the end of it for the former East Enders actress.

After calling into the show, Ian incorporated the game into one of his lessons where it went down a storm. Its popularity among the class has also lead to it being used in a local pub quiz in Mosely’s Darkhorse. This may not seem so special by itself, but in actual fact, it is for this very reason that the game is set to become famous. The television agency ‘North One’, are set to film the quiz, where Lauren’s initial creation will be available to be seen by the masses. Where the hosts are none other than Ian Vogel and our head of music; Tom Bunting.

How refreshing it is to see a teacher copying a student’s work for a change.

To hear how all of this came about and Lauren’s reaction to this news, take a listen to the audio clips provided.

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