Physics students are flying high!

This month saw our first year Physics students complete the annual Cadbury College air rocket competition, hosted by our very own specialist Physics teacher, Ian Kemp.

Every year, the students are provided with a brief to build a rocket out of paper and card that will fly the furthest distance when propelled by compressed air from the rocket launcher.  The students spend around 4 hours constructing, testing and perfecting their designs, before taking them outside to take part in the competition.

The students are provided with a standard design to construct but are free to modify, improvise redesign as they need or want to.  Most years, there are many original and innovative designs, and this year was no exception.  Designs ranged from having short stubby bodies to several with a length of over 45cm with wings!  The rockets are propelled with compressed air at a pressure of up to seven atmospheres.  With such pressures, it is inevitable that some explode on the rocket launcher and never take off, but the vast majority launch successfully and most exceed distances of 25m.  

This year several rockets broke the 50m barrier with notable success from Marc Rosales whose rocket achieved a distance of 56m and Mosawer Ehrari who was this year’s overall winner with a distance of 58m.  Not a bad distance for a sheet of paper!

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