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"The Cadbury College mission is to provide high quality education leading to excellent higher education and employment prospects for our diverse community of students.

At the end of Year 11 young people face a choice between staying on at school or progressing to a college. We believe that they benefit greatly from a change of institution and that transferring to a sixth from college such as Cadbury offers them great advantages.

About Us

Cadbury College caters exclusively for young people over 16 years of age and is organised to meet their particular needs, interests and aspirations. We offer over 50 A Level and BTEC Level 3 courses and many of our specialist staff are also examiners or chief examiners in their subject, so you can be sure of the very best quality of teaching. With over 80% of our learners going on to university, much that we do is geared to developing skills for that end and the changing world in which our leavers will work.

World Mental Health Day 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017

Cadbury college has been spreading awareness of the 25th anniversary of World Mental Health Day. In the LRC students had a chance to make keychains and talk about mental health. According to the NHS one in four people are affected by a mental illness. It is great to see more people discussing this topic as mental health issues affect many people on a daily basis.

Figures in 2016, from the NHS showed that almost six in one hundred people suffered from Generalised Anxiety Order and by talking more openly about Mental Health issues, people feel more comfortable seeking the help they may need. The progress made by society in regards to mental health awareness has improved drastically. Not only are more people getting help but more people are starting to realise that mental health can be just as serious as physical health.

Bob Mercer Visits Cadbury College

Bob Mercer

Last week Cadbury college product design students had first-hand experience from a very talented Woodturner. Students got a chance to speak to Bob Mercer who is a professional Woodturner. As well as getting to see Bob share his craft students had an opportunity to get tips and tricks when dealing with wood for their own projects. 

A bit about Bob…

I have always enjoyed

working with wood and a few years ago enrolled on a woodworking course at the local high school. Whilst on the course I noticed a lathe in the corner of the workshop and asked if I could use it. The class teacher helped me to make a bowl. I WAS HOOKED! I made enquiries regarding qualifications in woodturning and over the next four years, I completed four City and Guilds courses in woodturning.

Cadbury College Earth Angels

Cadbury College has started a new year and a group of students have been involved in welcoming new students to the college. The Cadbury college earth angels have been going around college to promote kindness and making the transition between school and college easier for newcomers. By walking around and speaking with new students and helping others who may be struggling with the change, the earth angels have been working really hard.

Financial Studies Students Receive Scholarships

Students Receive Scholarships

Cadbury college has celebrated another successful year of A-level and BTEC results. The college has received a high pass rate with a 4% increase in the top grades. Many students from a variety of subjects have done well and have achieved great results. Students who have studied Financial Studies have done exceedingly well and have been recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance for their results.

The top performing 1% of students in the country and students who have received an A or A* grade are being awarded scholarships by The London Institute of Banking & Finance. Cadbury college is delighted to announce that the following students have all received scholarships for their results in Financial Studies:

Summer 2017 Results

A Level Results Day

Principal Jeremy Rogers offered his warmest congratulations to all students on their success. He said: “We are delighted with another set of excellent results which again demonstrate, not only the hard work and effort of our students, but also the commitment of our staff in preparing and supporting them so they can achieve their full potential. 

“Our aim is to provide truly innovative teaching within a caring learning environment, combining both academic and vocational courses in order to meet the needs of each student and offer them the best pathway to success." 

Another great year for A-Level results at Cadbury College

A-level pass rates 2017

Overall A-level pass rate of 97% for 2017
4% Increase in high grades overall for A-level courses
Majority of courses at a 100% pass rate
GCSE pass rates 2017

UCAS Clearing

UCAS Clearing

What is Clearing?
If you have not received an offer to study at a university then you may want to consider looking into the Clearing process. This is a way of getting onto a university course you may not have chosen as an option on your UCAS application. Clearing is open from July to September. You may wish to consider clearing for the following reasons:

A-level Results Preparation

A-level Results Preparation

Options to consider
A-level results day is approaching and there are a couple of things you should consider before your results are announced on the 17th August 2017. These results will have an impact on what you choose to do in the future, whether you decide to complete an apprenticeship, choose to study at a university or get into full-time employment.

Routes to Consider After A-Levels

G|raduates with Certificates

Going to university can be a great experience. You meet new people and work towards achieving a degree which can help you progress further into your chosen career path. However, studying at a university is not the only option you have when you have completed your A-levels. There is a range of other routes you can choose that may suit your needs.